A Hitchhiker's Guide to Model-Driven Engineering for Data-Centric Systems


This article introduces a conceptual reference framework – the Models and Data (MODA) framework – to support a data-centric and model-driven approach for the integration of heterogeneous models and their respective data for the entire life-cycle of socio-technical systems. While MODA was developed to capture emerging socio-technical systems with different model types, it is sufficiently expressive to characterize and generalize existing complex engineering practices and technologies in the system life-cycle, which we demonstrate with thirteen well-known processes, technologies, and systems. We also identify several key research challenges with proposed follow- on studies for realizing MODA. We expect the MODA framework to be used (i) as a guide for educational purposes to clarify roles of models, data sources, and related actions during a wide variety of system life-cycles; (ii) to organize and compare complex engineering processes and technologies to support critical engineering choices involving large landscapes (e.g., smart grid systems); and (iii) to situate existing research approaches or initiate new research agendas to improve the integration of different types of models and data sources (e.g., air quality management, climate change).

IEEE Software